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Obituary for Paula Morris

Dr. Paula Morris was born on August 6, 1921 in Brooklyn, NY. She started her acting career in the Jewish theater in New York City at the age of 12. Paula lived and worked in New York City until she enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania and sang in Philadelphia night clubs to pay her tuition. In the mid 1940's, Paula relocated to Atlantic City where she MC’d and sang at the 500 Club and the Chez Paree. (She met husband to be, Edward “Ruby” Morris after watching him selling Ginsu knives on the Boardwalk.) Paula resumed her acting career in the 50’s while raising her son, Cris, and commuting to New York City working in TV and movies like “The Brain That Would Not Die.” In 1965, Paula enrolled at New York Chiropractic College and subsequently opened an office in Manhattan for many years. Traveling to Calpe, Spain, Paula opened an office there, becoming the first woman Chiropractor in the country. At age 78, Paula retired and lived in West Palm Beach and at the Ocean Club in Atlantic City. Paula will be missed by daughter-in-law, Wendy, son, Cris and his sister, Stacey, grandchildren, Geoffrey and Anna, and her Reif nieces and nephews, Celeste, Don, Rael, Barbara, and Bill. A memorial is planned for later this year.